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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your service area?

A. Being a Mobile service we cover all of Peterborough and the surrounding villages. If you are unsure if you are in the service area please contact us for more details.


Q. I have a membership but forgot to book a session this month, what happens to it?

A. Each session stays valid for 12 months, for example you start a membership in February, that session will stay valid until the following February. Members can have up to 12 sessions saved onto their membership at any one time. 

Q. I have some old sessions on my membership I would like to use up together in a single month but the booking system only let's me use one. What do I do?

A. Not to worry. Unfortunately due to the platforms software limitations, the booking system will only let you book 1 session per month for free with your membership. To redeem the rest of your sessions on your account that month simply let us know and we can either send you a code for you to redeem the additional sessions or you can book in with us manually here.

Q. I want a membership but I would like more than one session a month, what do I do?

A. With a membership you will also get a discount off any additional sessions equal to membership price.

Q.How do I redeem discounted sessions with a membership?



A. A monthly email will be sent to members with a voucher code to be applied when booking online.

Q. Do I need anything for the session?

A. Just yourself, our therapist will bring all the required materials. If you wish to use your own towels then you are welcome to.

Q. What do I wear?

A. This depends on what treatment you are having done but as a general rule of thumb you need to be unclothed on the area that needs treating. For example, for neck and shoulders you can remain fully clothed with a top that allows our therapist to get access to the required area. If you are having your back treated you will need to be topless. If you are having a full body treatment then you will need to wear boxers/pants and you will be covered with a towel. If you are still unsure please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Q. If I have a membership can I give my session to someone who lives with me?

A. Yes! members can share their sessions with anyone in the same household.

If you have any more questions that we have not answered please feel free to contact us here

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